Whitney. Texas. Butthead. Sass master. Lover of pizza, sleep, and cats. Amazing at making guys think that I'll actually send them nudes.



How sad do you have to be anyways where you think “Man, I should show my dick to this girl, I bet she totally wants to see that” like literally saying your whole worth and value is your shitty little cock that half the fucking planet has. Wow you have a dick congratulations you’re so fucking special too bad the rest of you is apparently fucking garbage

"So here Whitney. Marry a man who makes a lot of money. And make them believe they are brilliant, when really you’re the brilliant one."

Anonymous asked
I make lots of money. Heyyy.


"Whitney. Marry a nerd. They’ll end up making lots of money"
“Yea Whitney. Don’t worry about if you love them or not just worry about how much money they make”


I hope I’m one of those kids that just magically becomes hot after they leave high school